Find a Private Carer for your home care

Do you or your loved one need quality care without all the issues from care agencies?

At Find A Private Carer you can place an advert for your domiciliary care needs whether its personal care, shopping. sitting service, holiday care, etc along with the hours and rates of pay.  Carers will respond to your advertisement.  Alternatively you can browse carers on this site and contact them directly.

The benefits of having a private carer is that you can control who comes to your home, consistency of care, a regular person who will get to know you or your loved, flexibility, care that fits within your budget, security, etc.  We use private carers and it was the best decision that we ever made.

If you are a carer looking to work directly with a family submit your details online or apply for a job.

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We have many articles which offer valuable advice, information for employers who hire private carers and carers who are personal carers (PA’s).

About Us

My name is Tatty and I started this website because my life changed when my grans Dementia progressed to the stage where she couldn’t look after herself anymore.  My mom and I became her main carers with the help of care agencies.  The level of care from these care agencies was horrific.  They cared more about the money rather than the level of care and attention they provided.

After sacking the 5th care agency we decided to take matters into our own hands and find ourselves a private carer to employ. It was the best decision we ever made and a lot less stressful. We set the times, care requirements and rates of pay within our budget. We have two carers that are consistent and reliable and have gotten to know my gran really well. However finding them was difficult so I decided to create this website to help others find private carers.

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